June 2nd (2)

Going Home

We stopped and sat down on the bench to the side of the netball courts. Mook was looking tired and gazing at the primary education block.

“All of that is wasted space, right?” he asked.

I told him that at the moment, yes it was and explained that it had been used when other people were here, mostly as private accommodation; bedrooms, family rooms and so on.

“And where are the labs?”

“Second floor. The windows on this side are to the offices and lab assistants stores. The labs are on the other side of the building.”

He nodded, mulling things over and getting a feel for the layout.

“The end rooms?”

“Oh, they were general teaching rooms. On the ground floor I had history in one of them and French in the other. Second floor I had music and french and the top floor, believe it or not, had…

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