June 1st.

Going Home is great read it 🙂

Going Home

We’ve decided that we should take the cast off Mook’s leg. It’s probably been on far too long anyway, but caution has been our mantra. He doesn’t feel any pain anymore and it’s beginning to make him angry. Well, it comes off this afternoon. He’ll still be on light duties for a while to be on the safe side, and he’ll still use his crutch for a week or two but we’re all pretty excited.

Usual chores, although I gave Spiggy a morning off. He’s been a bit run down for a few days and I thought he could do with a lie in.


Spiggy woke up and made lunch for us all. He’s obviously feeling better. We ate at the table. It amuses Spiggy and Mook but I do like the formality of it. It makes us seem more like a family, I suppose. While we were eating…

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