May 19th

yippeeee another episode

Going Home

Mook is able to get around reasonably well on the crutches, now. He’s still in pain and can’t put weight on his leg, but he’s getting around with more ease now. He’s become the cat sofa. As soon as he sits down, the cats all sit on him. Whether it’s because they know he is not well and comforting him, or whether it’s because they know that when he sits down, it’s likely to be for several hours so they won’t be disturbed, I don’t know.

They enjoy the fuss he makes of them and vice versa. I’m surrounded by happy people and it freaks me out. In a good way, but it still weirds me out. I still find myself faltering, not quite knowing how to deal with them. I think they get that it’s as difficult for me as it is for them so as soon as we…

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