May 16th

another instalment – I hope you are all keeping up

Going Home

I’m looking back at the diary and I’m annoyed that there is a two week gap. I didn’t write it just for something to do, although that was part of it, but it also logged ideas for the coming weeks. I know I’ve had – sorry – we’ve had some great ideas, but I don’t always remember them. I’m not going to make that mistake again.

The only thing I do remember is that ‘They’ have become extremely aggressive. We can hear them slamming against the window in the greenhouse and also against roofs. The top of the Bedford was dented overnight and I’m beginning to think we need to work on the gym/garage as soon as is possible.

The new animal house works fine. The goats and chickens didn’t take long to adjust and seem to be happier. Spiggy is adjusting very well. After the initial wobble, he settled…

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