April 30th (1)

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Going Home

Last night

I left Spiggy watching over the exhausted and sleeping Mook. I put all the medical stuff away, saving anything that was still usable and bagging the rest up for disposal.

I needed to play the piano. I went for the Grieg. I needed something energetic to play. It didn’t go well. After having someone’s health and well being in my hands like that, I got the shakes. After many errors, I just sat on the sofa with my head in my hands. I think I just shut down for a while. When I came round, Spiggy handed me a cup of tea.

“Looks like you need one,” he said.

I took it from him with no real enthusiasm, although I wasn’t unappreciative. Something was niggling me. Something I couldn’t quite put my finger on. Jeff the ginger jumped on my lap and I rubbed him under chin. As…

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