April 29th

Wonderful story read from the start. You’ll love it

Going Home

Same deal. Spiggy asleep on the sofa. Mook asleep in his room. I top the drugs up, go back to bed and five minutes later Spiggy knocks on the door and slips under the covers and spoons me.

He didn’t mention it yesterday. I wondered if i should bring it up in the morning or whether I should carry on being unbearably British about it? I think I’ll stick with the Britishness at the moment. He’s still pretty delicate and I don’t want to upset him.

Mook was a lot happier this morning. The infection seemed to have all but vanished and although the area around the stitches still looks a little livid, I reckon it’s doing okay. I’ll look into Erik’s notes and see how to sort out the cast. I’ve enough modroc to plaster most of the education block. Devon went a bit overboard when we raided the…

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