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Jani-finally-went-off-the-deep-end-about-Southampton yesterday

You can’t have arts with out people. Use your venues visit them feed them or they will go.

The Art House

Yesterday, Jani saw a post following what sounded like a great event at the new Tiger Yard, talking about what kind of city Southampton would be.  In it, the post-er of the post said The Art House was great but that we need a Gantry-like space in Southampton.  A grassroots arts centre, not just a big shiny one like the proposed new arts complex being fitted out at the moment.  We have heard this many, many times.  The Art House is great, but it’s not the Gantry.

We agree.  We set up, in a smaller premises, with the aim of trying out a way of running a grassroots arts space free from Council or other funding.  You can read more about our business model here, if you want.

The post and indeed the poster yesterday was well-intentioned, expressing a view we’d heard many times, and indeed mainly expressing nostalgia…

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