“Depression can be a fatal illness and this is often forgotten.” Dave Hubble speaks to ASLI about the effects of domestic violence towards children and how his poetry aims to end the silence.

Excellent article by Dave Hubble

ASLI MAGAZINE - creating change

Dave Hubble  Photography by Mike Dais Photography  Dave Hubble
Photography by Mike Dais Photography

Dave Hubble, 45, from Eastleigh, UK is a an Environmental Science lecturer and freelance entomologist and a self proclaimed “bug geek”, however a change of career is an ambition of Dave’s, to become a professional artist, mixing his creative disciplines of poetry, jewellery and fine art.

Dave was chosen for this issue of “mental illness, health and recovery” due to his poetry which aims to examine the effect of domestic violence towards children. As a survivor and artist Dave uses this expression to address an important and often unspoken truth of the consequences violence has on children’s development and mental health.

Here is our interview with Dave:

What is your artistic/creative background?

Having a scientific background, I don’t have any formal qualifications in art, but have always enjoyed doodling, whether that’s with words, pens or any other materials I get hold of. I…

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