After Nyne Meets….Harriet Mead, Sculptor & President of the Society of Wildlife Artists

wonderful article about the SWLA show. Go to it if you are in London on now until 9 Noveber at the Mall Galleries

Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 13.38.22After Nyne was thrilled to be offered the opportunity to interview Harriet Mead, current President of the Society of Wildlife Artists for an After Nyne Meets..exclusive.

Herself a sculptor of some distinction, Harriet was keen to talk to us about the Society of Wildlife Artists Annual Exhibition, which is currently running at London’s Mall Galleries.

Harriet, thanks for talking to After Nyne Meets..How did preparations for the annual exhibition go?

With over 350 works to hang and over 100 unframed drawings to pin and arrange in the Out of the Frame room for the BTO Artists to Africa project our work is cut out. We also have the awards and speeches plus evening receptions with the BTO, RSPB and the Wildlife Trusts. We have awarded 3 bursaries for the Seabird Drawing Course and the Wildlife Trusts have relaunched their Undersea Art Award which enables an artist to learn to dive…

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